Volume 193

Mat leave has never looked this cool

Serena Williams’ latest commercial for Chase is, simply put, next level. With the public awaiting an appearance from her after giving birth last September, the ad reflects one of the world’s most famous new mums preparing herself to go back to work and proving that the ball is firmly in her court.

And you thought Ryan Air was pony…

Southwest airlines new passenger policy: insects – NO, spiders – NO, rabbits – NO, rodents – NO, miniature horses – YES! That’s correct, after a woman tried to take a peacock on board a plane as emotional support (which of course was nuts) the US airline will allow miniature horses on board (also nuts).

Go deeper down the rabbit hole…

While you’re swiping through your daily dose of cats and cocktails you can now immerse yourself in some classic literature. From Alice in wonderland to The Yellow Wallpaper, the New York Public Library have digitized your favourite novels in the form of Insta stories. The books have been illustrated and animated by various visual artists to give them an entirely new feel to suit the platform. Follow @nypl to have a read.

Drake makes dreams…

11-year-old Sofia Sanchez told her family she had two wishes, to receive a new heart and to meet the God’s Plan rapper. Drake had his fans reaching for the tissues when a recent video showed him surprising Sofia and uploading a picture of her wearing his scorpion hat. See all the footage and photos here.

Fix Up, Man Up, Make Up

Scheduled to launch in South Korea next month the male orientated product line includes foundation, lip balm and eyebrow pencil. Dubbed ‘Boy de channel’ the make-up is a first from an iconic fashion house, but definitely not the last. Chanel is setting the trend towards an ultimately more inclusive beauty industry meaning your brothers brows may end up more on fleek than yours.

Mega awks moment of the week

In solidarity with his kids, Mr Riley – the Head of Year 11, decided to sit a few exams to see how hard the new grading system really is. He then revealed his results in front of the entire nation on live breakfast TV. Only to come out with a C. Awkward. It’ll just about get him into 6th form at least.