Volume 192

Tiny chairs & table found in pizza box.

Ever wondered what the tiny round plastic table in the middle of your take-out pizza was? Turns out it was to stop your pizza getting crushed whilst the delivery guy swings around the streets on his bike. Genius. Well, Boston Pizza have added a cute matching pair of chairs alongside the trusty table. Functional and fun!

Doyenne making waves this summer.

Doyenne, the female-led skateboarding brand, has launched their summer collection with inclusivity at the forefront. In a sector dominated by men, Doyenne is offering ungendered garments designed for everyone. The range has been designed to encourage and inspire minorities in the skating industry. They get a big thumbs up from us!

Neighbourhoods collide.

Johnny Miller highlights the stark differences in some neighbouring communities globally with such elegance and clarity in his latest project, Unequal Scenes. The birds eye view gives an unmistakably clear perspective of the landscape we all live in. Take a look.

Feast your eyes on this!

The launch of Aphex Twin’s new video ‘T69 Collapse’ sent fans into melt down this week with speculation of hidden meanings and even managed to crash their website temporarily! It’s bursting of collage-like visuals featuring codified dialogue, outbursts of Richard D. James and loads of vibrant flashing colours. Take a peak.

He’s still got it.

After leaving the Premiere League to join DC United in the MLS this summer Wayne Rooney’s shown the world he’s still got it with amazing defence whilst then providing a cracking assist this week – take a look, it’s something else.

Supreme have done it again.

On a sleepy Monday morning, Supreme have surprised us all with a one of a kind New York Post release. They created an ad wrap which meant newspapers were flying off the shelves from newsstands across New York like never before. Want to get your hands on one of these? The $1 papers resale value has sky rocketed!