Volume 190

Driving, flying, and boating with Nintendo.

It’s too much fun being a kid these days. Especially with awesome inventions like Nintendo Labo. After the first two Toy-Con kits kicked off the line in April, the third has been revealed this week and it’s all about driving, flying, and boating! Where the other two kits seemed to highlight the potential of Nintendo Labo, the Vehicle Kit really digs in on creating a more full-fledged gaming experience, rather than a collection of various mini-games. Out on 14th September!

Vegetables are so… rock n’ roll?

What did we just watch?

DJ Khaled’s toddler means business.

Staying on the subject of babies, but this commercial hopefully won’t give you nightmares. It still includes a talking baby, DJ Khaled actual son, Asahd, voiced by Kevin Hart. It’s a bizarre-yet-delightful father-son interaction where one overpowers the other with their business wits. Guess who? And talking about business wit; this ad is not just for Apple Music, but a cross-promotion between Khaled’s latest single, Siri, HomePod and iPhone X. Ka-ching!

Worst comedic performance ever?

And lastly on the subject of babies, big grown-up babies who really shouldn’t be talking. Yet along doing comedy! It’s ‘What did we just watch?’… Part 2.

Get lost in the Upside Down... in Indiana.

We won’t be able to enjoy the third season of Stranger Things until next Summer, but what you can do in-between, is get lost in one of its instalments. Exploration Acres in Lafayette, Indiana, has assembled an intricate 20-acre corn maze inspired by the hit Netflix series. The idea came from the President, CEO and Stranger Thing’s binge-watcher, Tim Fitzgerald. The labyrinth is a reiteration of an artwork by Kyle Lambert, the official poster designer for the show. Awesome is an understatement.

The Fortnite effect.

Fortnite is the hottest game in the world at the moment. A viral teenage obsession. But with 125 million person-strong player base, Fortnite is not without its issues. There’ve been reports of players becoming addicted, suicidal and even drug-dependent to be able to play for days on end. Even with all the controversies, the latest news is that parents are now paying ‘Fortnite’ tutors to help their kids improve their skills. We asked our SELFHOOD network what they think about the effect of the game. 43% are worried about friends who play and 57% are not concerned. How do you feel about it?