Volume 189

Ever met a right wing creative?

Okay maybe that time you interned for the design team at Breitbart news but generally speaking, the creative fraternity tends to be a left-leaning bunch of tw*ts… like me. However, that’s not why I’m sharing this video of Elin Ersson – a Swedish student who spear headed a protest onboard a commercial airline to stop an Afghan asylum seeker from being deported back to ‘hell’… and won. Take out ‘the political’ from this story and what you’ll see is a young girl working inside the rules to defy them. In the face of adversary, she sticks to her guns and gets her desired outcome. A clear goal x strategy x bravery = Success. As a creative, I find this video is inspiring.

Ever made out in the street?

Sometimes terrible things can seem very appealing. It’s why people sleep with strangers. But after you watch this video from up and coming Filipino director, Paco Raterta, you might think twice about making out in public. Whether you find the video from Gravedgr to your taste or not – it’s worth bearing in mind that the director, who comes from a small fishing village, will probably end up cutting your next commercial.

Ever wished you look this cool?

Fashion fades but style is eternal (says Yves Saint Laurent). So, to be inside a pioneering movement that goes on to be the biggest form of entertainment on the planet for decades and perhaps eternity, means 99% of us will never be (or look) this cool, sorry. It’s the stories behind these candid photos from hip hop’s earliest days.

Ever been as successful as the Arctic Monkeys?

If you’ve experienced success in your career, congratulations. However, you’ll know that to sustain true success, you can’t expect to keep doing the same thing for ever more. Anecdotally everyone hates the new direction the Artic Monkeys have taken with their latest album. But when you’ve reached the top of the mountain, where else is there to go but space? That’s why I’ll allow this self-indulgent video for their song Tranquillity Base Hotel & Casino.

Ever read COOL SH*T before?

Good. So last week you read that Juventus sold 520,000 Ronaldo jerseys after singing him. But far more interesting then golden Ronnie is how football keeps rejecting its old tribal boundaries and impacting a wider cultural relevance. That’s why it didn’t surprise anyone at the ZAK team to see Juventus has just released this basketball jersey. It beats a waistcoat.

Ever wanted to leave a legacy?

Previously we asked 1,000 members of our SELFHOOD network what they value and want to achieve by the time they’re 30yrs. 20-year-old Sandro wants to create a body of work that will surpass him and inspire others. He wants to be remembered…