Volume 187

Trump Baby incoming!

No, we aren’t just talking about the leader of the free world landing in the UK this week. Some canny activists have created a giant 6m high inflatable Trump Baby (with life size tiny hands) to fly over Parliament Square whilst Trump is in London Town. The big question is, does the real Trump know about London’s Trump baby yet? I hope so!

I want a 3D printed home!

It’s happening, 3D printed homes are now officially a thing and I want one. The entire five person home was created in 2 days and 6 hours, if that isn’t efficiency at its best I don’t know what is. Oh, and it’s 20% cheaper than regular construction costs. Sign me up!

So bad, its good.

Ever wondered where your hard earned US tax $$$’s are going? Well, the Police officers from Norfolk, Virginia have spent their lunch hour lip syncing to Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. I’m sure they had kindly asked all the local criminals to holt any offences whilst they got busy making the video. It’s so bad its good.

Feast for the eyes.

This hypnotizing video of Donald Glover’s “This is America” recreated on an ancient Macintosh computer is the best thing we’ve seen in ages! Such dedication to the craft.

Instagram firsts.

To mark his 20th birthday Jaden Smith has exclusively released his latest album, “Syre: The Electric Album” on Instagram. Even more interestingly, you can only stream it on Instagram! It is beautifully accompanied by some stunning visuals – take a peak and a listen here.

SELFHOOD on the World Cup.

Is this the last major World Cup as we know it? Will fans continue to come together in the same way? More and more we are getting together less and less to watch live events in front of one medium (in this case the TV). So, we asked our SELFHOOD network “what does Russia 2018 mean to them?”