Volume 186

Hold back the Oscar for this one folks

With the World Cup in full swing, we’ve seen the high and lows of football. For me, the best plays have come from Neymar’s theatrics.

Skittles strip for Pride

For the third year in a row, Skittles drops its colour to raise money for Pride. Nothing like getting naked for a good cause!

Chanting with Typography

As both a football fan and a designer, Tom Anders Watkins has created a World Cup poster series that would look right proper on my wall. A feast of design featuring a chant to get you pumped for your country!

The music video for moaning

90’s MTV energy flows through this music video by Steve Smith. This is trippy and full of fun, no lie, I actually watched this all the way through.

This'll be hard to miss

The Bowery hotel will feature an 18ft story high gallery, featuring portraits of New Yorkers. What a way to show off the community!

How do you answer a question like this?

Previously we asked 1,000 members of our SELFHOOD network what they value and want to achieve by the time they’re 30 and made a nice little mash up, you can check out on our channel.

After hearing Star’s story, this time it was ‘Moscow calling’ when we met a lovely 21yo girl called Valery, who has an unstoppable drive and love for music she can’t even put into words.