Volume 185

Is MTV bringing back Daria?

Is there still hope for MTV? In the 90’s it was the voice of a generation with thought-provoking, original and creative content. It was all about the music, culture and rebellion. What happened? Now it’s all about reality TV and… reality TV. There is nothing cool about it anymore. It’s a conveyer belt for cheap shows with short life spans, bad reviews and low ratings. Maybe MTV is slowly realising that, so it’s now trying to revive its 90’s classics like Daria. Let’s all reminisce on one of MTV’s most loved characters…

First female World Cup commentator!

The reality of modern sport is that it’s dominated by men with women significantly underrepresented. It’s not just on the playing field where women are absent – it’s in the coaching seats, the presenting panel and the commentating box. Until now. When Vicky Sparks voiced BBC One‘s coverage of the Russia 2018 Portugal v Morocco game in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium this week, she made history. F**k yes!

Never mind the World Cup, check out Robocup!

On the subject of the World Cup, who says it should only be left to the men or humans for that matter. In comes RoboCup 2018, held in Montreal. It brings together some of the finest minds in technology from around the world. Established in 1997, its mission is to create a team of robots capable of beating the human World Cup champions by 2050. Judging by this footage, they still have some way to go. A loooong way.

Netflix and it’s Strong Black Lead initiative.

Netflix has underlined its commitment to casting and hiring black talent in this great ad called ‘Great Day in Hollywood’. It is an expression of the company’s Strong Black Lead initiative that is looking to develop black voices in its leading shows for more diverse storytelling. The spot is a rendition of Art Kane’s classic photo “A Great Day in Harlem” from 1958 and features the likes of Spike Lee, Laverne Cox, Ava DuVernay, Alfre Woodard, Lena Waithe and Justin Simien, among others. What an absolute win.

What’s in the stars for Star?

Previously we asked 1,000 members of our SELFHOOD network what they value and want to achieve by the time they’re 30yrs and made a nice little mash up you can check out here. Now we have their individual stories. Meet Star, a 20-year-old photographer/DJ from Durban, South Africa. His aspirations may surprise you…

Norway, the land of …. Chlamydia?

If you’re planning on visiting Norway anytime soon, you’re going to love this ad. 7-Eleven Norway’s latest condom campaign is rubbing some tourism officials and locals the wrong way as they proudly market the country as “The Land of Chlamydia.” So apart from the beautiful scenery, the country has a reputation of having the highest rates of Chlamydia in Europe. But why is a convenience store telling us this?