Volume 184

The future of weather forecasts.

This is dedication. Sure, it’s gimmicky, but The Weather Channel’s use of Immersive, mixed reality helps us understand the potential dangers of a powerful tornado and entertains us at the same time. The meteorologist acting skills are questionable, but that isn’t the point. If Sesame Street decides to implement mixed reality to teach kids the alphabet, we say bring it on. It’s impactful, it’s a spectacle and makes for great TV. UK better catch up.

Trump gets the time cover he craved.

This week’s hottest political subject matter was the American immigration debate. We won’t argue our opinion, only admire the simplicity and the impact of Time’s ‘Welcome to America’ magazine cover. Due to the power of the image, which appeared as critics from across the political spectrum attacked President Trump’s now-reversed policy of separating children from parents who are being detained for illegally entering the United States. It’s creativity for the greater good.

We are all WEIRD.

The internet has led to the end of ‘normal,’ and the rise of ‘niche.’ The ‘ugly and ironic’ is now cool and the ‘weird and wonderful’ is the new norm. This cultural shift is called ‘Wacko World’ and it’s one of the biggest creative opportunities this year. Are you ready to embrace your weird?

The Beyoncé fam are the latest masterpiece to hit the Louvre.

Is it good? Is it bad? Does it matter? If you’re The Carters, everything you touch turns to gold. Shut down Louvre? No problem. Sell out a tour in minutes? Amateur hour. Get over 30 million views in a day. Easy peasy. It’s not about the music anymore. It’s about one of the biggest brands in show business.

SELFHOOD on the World Cup.

Is this the last major World Cup as we know it? Will fans continue to come together in the same way? More and more we are getting together less and less to watch live events in front of one medium (in this case the TV). So, we asked our SELFHOOD network “what does the Russia 2018 mean to them?”

Pride Matters.

It’s Pride month and Pride Matters today as much as it ever has. LGBT+ rights have come a long way, but life of its community can still be far from easy. 1 in 5 LGBT+ are not out to their family, a third of LGBT+ people have experienced verbal abuse and half of LGBT+ Londoners have been the victim of a hate crime. So, whilst they’ve come a long way in the fight for equal rights, there’s still a way to go for actual equality. Visit Pride Matters for more info.