Volume 183

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

Here is the first trailer for the upcoming documentary about one of the greatest actors and comedians of our time. ‘Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind’ is director, Marina Zenovich’s latest project. It explores the life and career of the breakout comedian, ranging from his many films, stand up and personal life. Airing on July 16, tune into HBO and get your tissues ready.

Harry Styles and a chicken walk into a chippy…

Fashion videos tend to be bizarre but this latest spot from Gucci leaves us baffled. What is going on? It features Harry Styles, who’s the new face of Gucci’s Tailoring Collection, in a dressing gown carrying a chicken in a fish & chip shop in North London. Nothing says Gucci than chickens and bathrobes. So, what is the message of this video? Who the f**k knows. It’s so bad, it’s good.

Hip hop hooray for the new Kanye West video game.

Here’s a little treat to waste your time on. What Kanye West hasn’t been turned into yet, is an arcade game. Until now. Join Lil Ye as you run, jump and tweet your way through a series of magical worlds full of music, money, friends, foes, fans and…unicorns. At the moment, you can play a free demo and if you love it, you can help the developers create the full game. Hip Hop Hooray.

Thirty Seconds to Mars bare it all.

Jared Leto is one very talented man. He’s an actor, writer, producer, director and musician, to name but a few. His band Thirty Seconds to Mars have unveiled the music video for ‘Rescue Me,’ featuring a montage of people expressing various emotions in tight close-up shots. It even features a cameo from Paris Jackson. The song appears on their fifth album ‘America’, check it out!

Trump VS Kim: The Movie

The future of the world now depends on…stock footage! Ahead of Donald Trump’s press conference in Singapore, reporters were shown a video which the US president said he had played to Kim Jong-un and his aides toward the end of their talks. It was made by Destiny Productions and was presented in Korean and English in the style of an action movie trailer, casting both leaders as heroes. You can watch the original version here but The New York Times definitely made it better!

What do you want to do when you grow up?

In case you missed it, check out the latest SELFHOOD video, now also on Instagram for your viewing pleasure. We asked 1,000 members of our SELFHOOD network what they value and want to achieve by the time they’re 30yrs, compared to what was important to their parents. Today, we believe U30s have a much more diverse set of goals, from understanding your own sexuality to finding a job you love, to owning a pet.