Volume 179

Are you straight-edge or hard-hitting?

We tackled another interesting topic with the SELFHOOD network, trying to break down the stereotypes of “the debaucherous youth’. It’s Friday after all and for many an evening to unwind and … get wasted. But can we still pull an all-nighter and have the same amount of fun without drinking? Click to find out…

Queen on the silver screen.

It’s been years since this film went into production and finally, it’s about to see the light of day. 2nd November will mark the release date for the Queen biopic. Rami Malek had some big shoes to fill, and so far it seems he perfectly captures Freddie Mercury’s swagger. Bohemian Rhapsody could just be as epic as the time Jamie Foxx played Ray Charles, Angela Bassett as Tina Turner and when J.Lo portrayed Selena. Will he be the champion?

We love Me Love Me A Lot.

Remember the wavy eyebrow trend that went so far even Snapchat added a filter? Wonder who’s responsible for that? From Seoul, South Korea, it’s MLMA, which stands for Me Love Me A lot. She’s a rapper and visual artist using her body as a canvas to distort our expectations of beauty. She’s doing one heck of a job and over 150k people agree. It’s bizarre but ever so appealing.

Batman gives a commencement speech.

How much more motivating can it get, when you get Batman giving a commencement speech at your University graduation? The answer is: it can’t. HE’S BATMAN!

Childish Gambino VS Carly Rae Jepsen

Don’t be fooled. This is NOT America and Childish Gambino. More like an American pop music mashup that scarily works. It’s a funny way to make a point about how so much modern music is based on the same structure. And how some people clearly have too much time on their hands.

Karl Lagerfeld shines a light on your chops.

Karl Lagerfeld is known for many things: being at the helm of Chanel for 35 years, hosting the most fabulous and awe-inspiring fashion shows and, of course, his cat Choupette. But now, in 2018, he will be known for creating the most hilarious light up lipstick. P.S. Why does the lid look like Darth Vader?