Volume 178

What do you do to get ahead?

Do you work late? Do you work early? Do you work in your own time? Is 9am to 5pm a thing of the past? What do you do to get ahead? There are many topics we would like to know about the younger generation. Times are changing fast, and we need to move at the speed of culture. That is why every week we start a conversation with the SELFHOOD network and let them lead the way with real-time insights and unfiltered opinions. This week it was all about the hustle…

Aries finally opens bricks-and-mortar store.

The six-year-old, ultra-cool womenswear brand Aries, founded by Sofia Prantera, has opened its first store with a multi-brand pop-up space today in London’s Covent Garden. Planet Aries will house its own collections alongside new drops from like-minded brands such as Hillier Bartley, Martine Rose and the arrival of an Aries x New Balance collaboration. You have until June 8th to visit or get the merch online. If you’re lucky, maybe another pop-up will open in a town near you.

Awesome new band alert!

They sound like the Scottish version of Fat White Family and their new single ‘Transit Paul’ sure gets under your skin. Sweaty Palms’ debut album ‘Quit Now’ is out June 8th and will address apathy, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms. It’s raw, it’s honest and it’s angry! It’s musical expression that definitely wasn’t created in a vacuum.

Headphones for every sex dungeon.

For all you freaky-kinky music lovers, you can now abuse your eardrums at the same time as being whipped. Venezuelan DJ and music producer Arca has collaborated with luxury retailer Ssense and London leather company Fleet Ilya to design a $6,450 pair of leather BDSM headphones. Oh yes! Arca is no stranger to fetish wear, but this design takes it to the next level. Wear them on your morning commute or casually at your office desk. We dare you!

Blurring the lines between games and illustration.

Here’s an innovative illustrated mobile puzzle game, that will undoubtedly be your latest addiction on long commutes. ‘Kontrast’ was launched by Amsterdam-based illustrator, Timo Kuilder, that invites interaction with his work and blurs the line between games and illustration. Through creativity and resourcefulness, the player needs to help each shape find its way home. Excuse us now while we get lost in this beautiful monochromatic world.

#BeatYouself with new PornHub socks. You read it right.

It’s the dawn of the World Cup so PornHub has decided to step up and created a satire of sportswear ads to promote the oldest sport in history – playing with yourself. They released a new line of socks, pro gear for your feet and your hands. Some things will never be the same again.