Volume 174

Where Do You Belong?

Belonging has always been important for young people but its definition is changing with almost a third (30.3%) of respondents from the SELFHOOD study citing ‘being different but together’ as a definition of what belonging means today. It’s based on mutual understanding and being yourself. Watch the video above to find out more insights from the SELFHOOD network.

We’re All Pink on The Inside

Monáe has released a provocative yet empowering single from her upcoming album Dirty Computer, out April 27. The song is a celebration of creation, self-love, sexuality and pus*y power. Oh yes. It’s the colour that unites us all. The video is a work of art in itself, with numerous connotations and innuendos. It might be a bit NSFW. You have been warned.

Instagram Is Not Real Life and These Influencers Aren’t Even Alive

Everyone says that Instagram is not real life, but who would have thought that the people in the pictures are not real as well. And we’re not just talking about Photoshop corrections and excessive beauty filters. This is a full blown digital 3D rendering of a human. Black Mirror sh*t. 100% not real and they are already making money from brands and music! Considering the homogenized nature of Instagram, you can question if these manufactured digital influencers are more genuine than real people. Now that’s scary.


Oceans Made of Colourful Plastic

One thing that is very real, is the increasing amount of plastic in our oceans and the devastating effect it has on our marine life. This beautifully made and hard-hitting campaign by the environmental group Sea Shepherd makes us all lost for words.

Would You Like to Augment Your Intelligence?

And talking about scary stuff, did you know computers can now read our minds. MIT invented a wearable gadget that aims to “combine humans and computers”. So, while looking like a cyborg, you can silently communicate with a computing device through sub-vocalisation. The triggered neuromuscular signals are delivered to a computer that uses neural networks to transcribe the words. And voila, you’ve passed your math exam.

Mariah Carey Loves Hostels

If it’s good enough for Mariah, it’s good enough for anyone else on the planet. Divas are known to have a highly demanding taste, and this ad from Hostel World humorously displays that. Oh, how we would like to believe Mariah would EVER give a hostel a chance. Even her dogs have a private jet!