Volume 171

Are you still using the ‘M’ word?

For agencies and brands Millennials and Gen Z are hot topics.  For those who the media and the industry tag with these blanket terms, it’s a misdirected, meaningless generalisation. In fact, over 2/3rds of todays under 30s don’t feel they are represented by the media-created millennial myth. Out comes SELFHOOD…

Mila Kunis & Kate McKinnon drooling on Ellen

This is hilarious. The most drooling round on Ellen’s Speak Out challenge ever. And the best part is the participants can’t stop laughing even before the game actually begins. If you’ve never played this before, we challenge you. It’s as hard as it looks. And as funny.

New Balance is supplying American troops

From now on, American military is wearing American-made footwear. And not just any footwear. They announced a $17.3 million USD contract with New Balance. The 1941’s Berry Amendment made it a requirement for the American troops to wear as much domestically-sourced equipment as possible, but for years it was only their uniforms that were made in America. Not anymore though. In the coming year, the US troops will be rocking out some shiny new kicks.

Meet the 81-year-old bodybuilder

If you think you’re too old to exercise or make changes to your body, you are wrong.  And Ernestine is living proof. She started her fitness journey at age 56. At 71 she won her first bodybuilding competition. Now, 81 years old, she’s an inspiration to others to get into fitness and start loving their bodies. When were you last in the gym?

This London bench absorbs as much pollution as 275 trees

There is hope for a greener future after all, with the CityTree. It is a strange mix of bench and hedge and is very effective at tackling air pollution. It holds 1,682 pots of moss which apparently extracts as much particulate matter (soot, dirt and other pollutants) from the air as 275 trees, using just one percent of the space. The CityTree has been installed in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Oslo and now there’s one on Glasshouse Street, near Piccadilly Circus in London. So, if you’re in the area, take advantage of the clean(er) air.

Drake covers N.E.R.D. and Rihanna and fails

Drake decided to do a remix of a song from his ex-squeeze, Rihanna. Does it do it justice, is it better or worse? Fans are not overly excited, stating Drake isn’t really trying and the whole thing sounds rushed. To be honest, he had some big boots to fill.