Volume 170

Are You Misrepresenting Youth?

It is the ‘Death of the Millennial’. Young people are fighting back against stereotyping and pigeonholing. They are making us realise that you can’t observe and generalise them in the same way as you did generations before. It is realising their individuality, freedom of expression and the culture that affects them. If we want to keep up with them, we need to realise their selfhood.

BBC Three, You Keep Me Hanging On...

Two years after moving online, BBC Three offers a fresh take on Lou Reed’s classic song ‘Perfect Day’ with a short film starring the young voices who shape the channel. From Rochelle who has vitiligo wiping off her makeup to Chris who feels free in the water after losing his legs, these stories redefine the ‘perfect day’ as a life unfiltered. Big like.

Deliveroo Create An Edible Billboard

This is how advertising really satisfies the senses. Deliveroo has put some real taste into its latest outdoor activation, unveiling a billboard made up of 2000 actual hamburgers. Yes. A giant edible billboard of burgers! The double-decker bus-sized advertising hoarding happened in London’s Shoreditch and was four metres high and six long. And the best thing above all… Whether it was a beef, veggie burger or chicken, it was all free! Yummy.

The World’s First ‘Sensory Gaming Device’

Channel 4 have always had their wicked ways when it comes to promoting their own programmes. Remember the show ‘Humans’ and the immersive and entertaining ad campaigns they created for the drama? They went down a similar route with ‘Kiss Me First’, an upcoming innovative thriller which combines live action with computer-generated virtual world sequences. With no explicit mention of the show, they teased the viewers with ‘world’s first sensory gaming device’. And oh, how they teased it well. The internet went nuts.

Street Fighter II Goes to the Freaking Streets

If you’re into your AR, and especially if you’re into classic arcade games, you’re going to love this one. Developer Abhishek Singh took the game ‘Street Fighter II: The World Warrior’ from 1991 and rebuilt it as a multiplayer AR game you can actually take to the streets. The idea finally does its name justice! Hadouken!

Tribute Guide To The Late Great Stephen Hawking

This week we lost one of the greatest minds in modern history. Stephen Hawking, a renowned physicist, author of ‘A Brief History of Time’ and ‘modern cosmology’s brightest star’ died aged 76. The internet paid its last respects