Volume 169

Apple rip off Kenzo!

… And if you are going to rip off the Kenzo perfume advert, you might as well get the same famous director Spike Jonze, and do it properly.

Are you a lady, woman or girl?

Who cares what you are, it’s what you do, right? Here’s a short film to mark International Women’s Day.

I want my future back

This isn’t what the future looked like in my head. But if Royal Mail are investing in making green transport to safeguard for the real future, then that’s pretty cool with me.

So, back to my future

This is kind of more how I imagine the future to look. In the 90’s. Now, I’m not so sure… No, changed my mind again, I want one. What do you think of North Face limited edition Aluminium Tyvek Collection?

This is amazing

Ever wondered why you never get a call back after applying for a job? Because you’re doing it all wrong. This guy should be your hero.

This is awful

… but I can’t take my eyes off of it. Skepta speaks to Naomi Campbell in just his dressing gown.