Volume 168

Five designers show us how the world can be a better place

Here are a few creative minds that put the ‘kind’ in mankind. Each year Design Indaba gathers an anomalous group of creative people, from typographers to ceramicists and more, to discuss their projects, process and passions. From kid-friendly insulin kits to street debaters and human waste bioreactor, with these guys leading the way the future is looking bright.

Imitation is the ultimate form of flattery, right?

If you haven’t come across Celeste Barber yet, it’s about god damn time! Insta-famous comedian from Australia gained her enormous following by hilariously recreating celebrity photos. It’s hard not to laugh at the unrealistic “perfect” images celebrities post online as it is. This one-woman-army is fighting back with mundane twists and class A parody collections. The result is better than the original.

Barbra Streisand cloned her dog

Yep, that happened. Is it moral? Is it mental? Is it acceptable in the name of love? If you look into the process it takes to clone a dog, not to mention the price tag, there are no guarantees your new dog will share the same personality traits as your beloved deceased one. Why would you do it?

Wake and bake with grandma

People who say cannabis is just a narcotic don’t know what real pain is, according to Brigitte Biesel, an 80-year-old Berliner, who’s been suffering from chronic pain and depression for 60 years. Now, thanks to her grandson, she’s discovered the medicinal benefits of weed which makes her feel more alive. She doesn’t smoke, but boy, she loves to bake and she’s got a recipe that works wonders. Start the oven.

The Lacoste crocodile is making way for ten threatened animals

Lacoste has dropped its iconic alligator logo and replaced it with depictions of 10 threatened animals on a collection of polo shirts, in partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Great concept by French agency BETC who take the idea even further by using scarcity to sell it. They have only created quantities of polos that corresponds to the number of each species recorded in the wild. Sales of the shirts will go toward the organization’s efforts to protect endangered species, so start shopping!

Logic and his second single of 2018

Logic has unveiled his second surprise new song of 2018. Tearing through the streets of Tokyo and relaxing in Maui, ‘Overnight’ was shot by Mike Holland, Justin Fleischer and Alec Schweitzer, while Logic was working on new music in Japan and Hawaii. Last year the rapper released his breakthrough album, Everybody, which earned him a Grammy nomination for the song “1-800-273-8255”. Well deserved.