Volume 166

Robot Dogs

If robots terrify you, do not watch this video. It’s like a combination of a Black Mirror episode and the raptor scene in Jurassic Park. These “cute” dog-like robots are not only super agile, but they collaborate! It’s official now. There will be nowhere to hide when the robocalipse begins.

Skiing Robots

If robot dogs gave you animatronic nightmares than these skiing robots might allay your fears. They’ll be no rising of the machines if there’s cold snap. The Ski Robot competition was held this week at the Welli Hilli Park resort in Hoenseong (an hour’s drive from Pyeongchang). Eight teams competed for the $10,000 prize and Robot TaekwonV won. Well, he made it down the slope in one piece.

Deisel - Go with the fake

On a storefront on Canal Street, in the midst of New York Fashion Week, Deisel opened its doors. At first glance, it appears to be a blatant knock-off store. Or is it? This brilliant stunt by Publicis introduces the world’s first authentic knock-off store. This concept fits perfectly with Diesel’s global campaign around celebrating flaws. No doubt these “fake goods” will soon become collector’s items.

Valentine's Day Prank

This week, after the super indulging pancake day, came Valentine’s Day. A stereotypical “celebration of love” would include a candlelit dinner, roses and chocolate… but not if you’re this lady. Her idea of Valentines was to prank her husband (Ladbaby) and show him how much he really should love his better half.

Team work makes the dream work

Here at ZAK we believe in ‘one team one dream’ and there’s no better way to show it than like this. Cuteness overload.

The Karate Kid saga continues!

YES! They’re back! YouTube Red offered a first look at “Cobra Kai” Johnny and Daniel San as they return to face each other. I’m too excited to type anything else… (leaves to practice Crane Kick – puts A&E on standby).