Volume 164

Hel-en Back, Bi**h

Who would have thought Helen Mirren is a rap force to reckoned with? Is there anything this lady can’t do? In this week’s ‘The Late Late Show’ she destroys James Corden in a round of ‘Drop the Mic’ and it’s so pleasant to watch. Spitting some serious lines and wrecking him to the ground, she truly is a British showbiz queen. James, you got owned!

The Year of Cool Britannia

Knebworth Park will yet again be stomped on by massive crowds, as it holds another big music event. After Sonisphere, which was the last major music festival to take place in 2014, ‘Cool Britania’ is coming this August, headlined by Happy Mondays and Ocean Colour Scene. Is it 1997, because check out the line up. Acts include Embrace, The Lightning Seeds, Peter Hook & The Light, Cast, M People’s, Heather Small, Dodgy, Space, Toploader, and The South – with many more to be announced. Rumour has it, it could also feature the grandad’s of Rock, The Rolling Stones. Tickets went on sale today!

Steven Soderbergh's iPhone Horror

Get ready to receive some serious chills down your spine. From the director of Ocean’s Eleven and Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh new film is a horror he shot entirely on an iPhone. ‘Unsane’ is a psychological horror starring The Crown’s, Claire Foy as a woman who is convinced she’s being followed by a stalker. When she tries to report the guy, though, she winds up locked in a mental institution against her will and begins to lose her grasp on what’s real. It hits theatres next month and until then, enjoy the trailer above.

Bush > Trump?

America is not in a great place and now some Americans are actually starting to feel nostalgic for George W. Bush. Six in 10 Americans, 61%, say they now have a favourable view of the 43rd President of the United States. That’s nearly double the 33% who gave him a favourable mark when he left the White House in January 2009. At least some good has come of this, Will Farrell has resurrected his legendary impression of the former president on SNL’s Cold Open, to remind everyone it wasn’t much better before.

Fancy a Flamethrower?

Feeling like your inner pyromaniac is screaming to come out? Do you like bright lights, warmth and guns? Elon Musk has got a treat for you! His Boring Company has released a flamethrower! If you have $500 laying around (and who doesn’t), why not spend it on a weapon that leads to a much costlier disaster? Guaranteed to heat up any situation. For an extra $33, you can also buy the Company’s overpriced fire extinguisher. Bargain!

Why Can't We Get Along

Thom Yorke has contributed music to a new short film from fashion label rag & bone. ‘Why Can’t We Get Along’ stars Baby Driver’s Ansel Elgort and ‘House of Cards” Kate Mara. The film also features artists from the American Ballet Theater, HipLet Ballerinas, Bulletrun Parkour, and star Kandi Reign. It’s beautifully shot and choreographed, all in a course of one day. Thom’s new musical input just gives it that additional ethereal feel to an already hypnotic production. Thumbs up.