Volume 162

Never a Dull Moment with Nintendo

This week, Nintendo announced another great idea that proves imagination and simplicity always shines brightest. Introducing Labo, cardboard appendages that turns your Switch into a piano, a fishing rod, a motorbike and so much more. Labo looks like nothing else on the market, and looks to put the game console back on the map. One look at this and you’ll be saving all your boxes to build a fort to play it in.

Farewell to Ronaldinho

One of the all-time greats in Football has retired at the age of 37. He played his last professional match in 2015 for Fluminense and has now officially hung up his golden boots for the last time. Throughout a glittering career, the Brazilian won the World Cup, Champions League and Ballon d’Or, made 513 club appearances and scored 190 goals. In addition, Ronaldinho played 97 times for Brazil and scored 33 goals. Watch the video above to reminisce on this player’s serious skills!

London Lights Up

Who says January is a depressing month? If you’re out and about in the London area this weekend, make sure you go and check out Lumiere, the festival of light. It started yesterday, with installations across central London including King’s Cross, Leicester Square and the South Bank. British and international artists are displaying more than 50 artworks on some of the capital’s most iconic buildings. Free all weekend, it’s on (literally) between 5.30pm and 10:30pm.

Where’s his DeLorean?

Visiting us from the year 6000, a time traveller has come back to let us know it’s all going to be alright. Carrying a distorted photo to prove his story, he goes on to tell us how, in the future, we’ve solved the overpopulation crisis by shrinking people, we’re uploading our brains to servers, cured chronicle diseases and will be governed by artificial intelligence. The clip gets really emotional when he starts crying over his best mate he left behind, but apparently, he’s in a better place. No mention of jet packs though.

McDonalds Embraces Veganuary

Maccy D’s in Finland and Sweden has surprised everyone with their latest addition, the creation of the vegan burger. The McVegan is a soy-based burger in a regular bun with all of the usual trimmings as well as ‘vegan McFeast sauce’. Whether it’s only a Veganuary stunt or they genuinely want to attract more non-meat-eating customers, the burger received some good online reviews. However, will it be enough to get real Vegan’s through their doors? We think, probably not.

Donald Trump's First Year: In His Own Words

After one year in office, President Trump has not made America great again. Instead, he’s presided over a country that is more deeply divided along partisan lines and proposed staggeringly racist reforms to the immigration system. Not only that, but he’s supported a tax bill that will see economic inequality grow, pulled the US out of the Paris Accord, upset allies, emboldened adversaries, and reminded the world just how dangerous nuclear weapons are. But in his own words, everything is ‘Peachy’.