Volume 161

Butlin’s Holiday Camps for the Brexit Generation

One of our favourite British designers, Scott King, reinterprets Butlin’s holiday camps for the Brexit generation. This is the artist’s first solo institutional exhibition, held at Studio Voltaire, the design focused gallery in Clapham. But his work doesn’t stop there, the artist also contributed to the House of Voltaire, where a range of designers also sell their work. Why not pick up his “STUPID ART CUNT” sweatshirt while you’re there.

Are You Taking Memes Too Seriously?

A firm favourite in the ZAK studio, Poundlandbandit’s daily, sharp as shit, ‘starter pack’ memes have been gaining traction recently. Loads of his post have been reported by people who seem to be taking memes a bit too seriously or personifying with them and getting freaked out. It’s a Home Run for Poundlandbandit, as his sole aim is to ‘make arseholes feel deep about their shitty life choices through the beauty of the internet.’ Follow him on your own responsibility, as you never know, you might just be a meme already.

Hardcore will never Die!

Boiler room have managed to unearth this bonkers piece of footage interviewing Gabber Kids of Holland from back in the day. Did someone say drugs? The scene however is still very much present and influential. Let’s just all recap on the awesome Dior Homme Winter 2017-2018 show that made us all start looking for the next illegal warehouse rave.

London 2018 Men’s Fall Collections

The Fashion show circuit is slowly gathering pace, with the first round of Fall 2018 men’s shows starting to take place. London Fashion Week Men’s AW 18/19 happened between 6th and 8th January and what a spectacle it was. A playground between boyhood and masculinity. It’s hard to pinpoint one specific trend, but Logan’s favourite collections were from E. Tautz, Phillip Lim and Astrid Anderson. What do you think?

For the rebels and the rule-breakers

On the subject of fashion shows, one really stood out last week for breaking all the rules. Stoke-born, London-based designer, Matthew Miller, swapped the catwalk with live performances from Ekeno, Whiteroom & Strange Cages. His autumn/ winter 18 menswear collection is tailor-made for rebels, rule-breakers and the outspoken youth. Appropriately entitled “Riot, The militant youth brigades will rise up and reclaim consent.”

Raw and unforgiving

Alice Glass, the former Crystal Castles singer, released a lo-fi video for her latest single ‘Forgiveness’. Directed by Lindsey Mann, it creates a horrorcore aesthetic which perfectly complements the theme of rejecting the idea of forgiveness. The song is one of six featured on Alice Glass’s self-titled debut solo EP ‘Without Love’, which was released last summer.