Volume 158

Can Your Dick Do Karate?

Last Friday marked World AIDS Day 2017. To support the cause and help reverse the loss of awareness, freelance motion designer Emanuele Colombo has animated an amusing film for creative studio Antimatter. HIV still remains a serious fight, even if it is no longer a death sentence, thanks to major progress in medical treatments. Youngsters still need to learn and fight against it with hard not flaccid willpower. Go Karate Dick!

Jurassic World Roars Again

One of the most popular series in cinema history is back! Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom sees its main protagonist, Chris Pratt, going back to the resort after 4 years to save the remaining dinosaurs from an erupting volcano. Accompanied by his familiar lady-friend, played by Bryce Dalls Howard, and with the drive to find his beloved raptor Blue, this film looks like another epic Dino-drama. Can’t lie, we’re a tad excited about this one.

Best of 2017 Pop Culture

Ok, so the year might not be over yet, but visual retrospectives of 2017 are emerging all over the internet. One of the public’s favourites is by the digital agency Beutler Ink, who famously illustrated last years’ highs and lows. They’re back, bigger and better, putting 2017 into purchasable print, thanks to visual artist Sandra Anderlon. What’s your favourite pop culture moment of 2017?

Pure Filth

Scottish-born, LA-based producer SOPHIE is rewriting the rules with her genre-crossing music. Her latest single ‘Pony Boy’ is a tale of musical expressionism, a collage of sex, industrial vocals, 90’s synths, and a bass so filthy you’ll want to have a shower after listening to it – and the video is the perfect visual representation of that. Filmed at OPEN BETA as part of Red Bull Music Academy Festival in Los Angeles and choreographed by performance duo FlucT. Enjoy.

The Naked Internet

Do you spend hours on end surfing the internet for useless information, wasting time you’ll never get back? We’re all guilty. But now, thanks to artist and filmmaker Joseph Ernst, there is an Internet OFF button, which blanks out all the unnecessary online pages. It’s a little black box that sits in the top right corner of your browser. And when you click it, it strips away the information, leaving you to work in peace. Ready for the ultimate cleanse of your life?

These Are the Dildroids You’re Looking For

Are you stuck not knowing what to buy your nerdy friend for Christmas, your girlfriend, or just anyone who’s ever heard of Star Wars? Geeky Sex Toys are here for you. Following its ‘Pokémoan’, ‘Orgasms of the Galaxy’, and ‘Game of Moans’ parody products, they launched ‘Star Toys’, a collection from a fantasy far, far, away. With products like ‘Darth Vibrator’, ‘Dildoda’, ‘R2-V2’, and ‘Dark Side Bondage Kit’, you’ll definitely feel the force.