Volume 155

The Questionable Victory of Eminem

Last Sunday were the MTV EMAs 2017. With winners on the night including Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes and Kendrick Lamar, one of the more surprising victors was Eminem, who bagged the first award of the evening for Best Hip-Hop. Why you ask? He hasn’t released an album in years. The man himself was a bit confused, but the fans have spoken. In his defence, he did drop a single two days before and opened the night in Eminem style.

Jimmy Kimmel Loves His Own Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel reached a milestone – he turned 50! To celebrate, he gathered a host of his famous friends to pretty much embarrass him in front of the world. One of the highlights was his famous “Mean Tweets” section of the Tuesday show, only this time, it was a selection of tweets by Jimmy’s online trolls. No punches pulled here.

Extra-Terrestrial Rave

How to promote your festival’s 25th anniversary? You invite aliens to join the party. But how do you send out the invite? Well, from a huge 32-metre antenna nestled in snowy Tromsø in the north of Norway, of course. Sonar Festival has got it all figured out. They are beaming mathematical music from 33 artists into space. The transmission will travel over 70 trillion miles to one of Earth’s nearest habitable planets in the hope of reaching intelligent extra-terrestrials. Even if they respond, or not, someone sure is having a celestial party.

Nicki Minaj Does Porn (What Else Is New)

On Wednesday, PAPER Magazine released another “Break the Internet” issue. How can we forget the one with Kim Kardashian? The magazine is trying to top that with Nicki Minaj, or to be exact, three Minaj’s? Minajiis? Minajy’s? Anyway, they’re all getting it on in one pic. It represents everything that is wrong in this world.

Learn to Paint with Deadpool

Deadpool returns, hitting our theatres in June next year. For a colourful introduction to the second chapter of the Marvel Superhero and before he goes off fighting ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, he’s giving us a lesson in art. Inspired by the late Bob Ross, the humour and the appeal of this teaser is hard to deny.

Stunning Film of The Land of Ice and Fire

Wow. Just wow. It’s almost hard to believe this is real footage and not some CGI fantasy. You truly get lost in it and question how Iceland is even a part of this planet. Artists, Jonathan Besler, Kevin May, and Florian Gampert recorded this breath-taking drone footage of the Nordic island nation using various devices such as a Phantom 4 Drone, a Sony A7SII, and a Nikon D850. A stunning portrayal of the land of ice and fire.