Volume 154

Discussing A Threesome with Your Mom

I LOL’d in the first 10-seconds. Imagine your worst nightmare: playing truth or drink with your parents and having to reveal those details you’d rather not share. And if you don’t confide, you drink the truth serum- tequila. Either way, you are screwed.


Rethink Remembrance

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day and for the launch of the 2017 Poppy Appeal, The Royal British Legion installed poppies in iconic locations across the UK that read the lines of the renowned John McCrae’s poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. Stunning cinematography and an incredibly moving commemoration.

'Stranger Things' Kids Go Motown

On Wednesday night, the cast of Stranger Things went on the Late Late Show with James Corden to reunite their original project – a Motown cover band that never existed. In an extremely well preformed skit, they took the stage one last time and preformed a medley of Motown classics. The boys have soul!

Dirty Harry (Styles)

For a song that talks about sex and drugs; choosing kids, cupcakes and puppies for the music video is an interesting choice. But if you’re Harry Styles, it doesn’t matter, you can get away with anything. Even naming the song “Kiwi” which did not turn out in his favour. During a live performance of the song, a fan threw the actual fruit onstage and Harry’s balance was lost.  Something’s got to give.

Have You Seen the New John Lewis Christmas Ad?

John Lewis is back on top with the new Christmas ad released this morning. A story about a boy who’s kept awake by a monster under his bed may not sound that convincing but when you combine amazing art direction, Elbow singing Golden Slumbers by the Beatles and the brilliance of Oscar-winning Michel Gondry, you win the Christmas jackpot.

The Disturbing Truth About Global Tax Dodging

Oxfam and Don’t Panic agency hit hard with a film demonstrating the price developing countries pay when deprived of funds needed for vital services. The funds are supposed to come from companies paying their fair share of tax. But they don’t. It is estimated that each year the poorest countries lose out on $100bn in tax revenue and it is always the people who suffer the most.