Volume 148

Liam Gallagher the music critic

Never short of an opinion, Liam Gallagher’s off-beat take on the world is as legendary as the lines he sang in Oasis. Here we have a simple setup from Vice News. Play the Rock’n’Roll star, who doesn’t listen to much else but “bass and drums and guitars” the latest music, keep the camera’s rolling and let the magic happen.

Are you sure we need 280 characters Twitter?

Sure, the new 280-character limit Twitter are trialling will allow for some more creativity, but you know those people…yeah that one, him too, that don’t really need more space for their ‘thoughts’. As the guys in the above show, we don’t really need the extension Jack.


Hip-Hop is coming come. The first brick and mortar museum showcasing Hip-Hop will open in its birthplace, the Bronx. Currently in virtual form, the new development will show visitors the rich history of the art form across all its elements, from birth through to its presence in today’s culture. The museum will also partner with Microsoft and Google to create an immersive experience for visitors. We’ll be there in our Kangol hat and shell-toes.

Steven Spielberg in front of the camera

If you haven’t seen a Steven Spielberg film, have you really been to the cinema? The director don who made trips into the sea synonymous with that music (just me?) and taught us not to mess with those Tyrannosaurus chaps has been doing his thing in Hollywood for over 50 years. In this HBO film, the camera is turned on him as we hear his story with anecdotes and praise from Hollywood royalty like Leonardo DiCaprio, Liam Neeson & more.

Because a few million just ain't enough

Cool Sh*t has taken a bit of a Hip-Hop feel this week, as we move from the museum that celebrates the story and culture, to the list which shows how big-business the art form has become. The latest Forbes Hip-Hop Rich List shows the top 20 acts earned a total of $619.5 million USD this year, up by 38% from last year’s $448.5 million USD. Puff Daddy/Diddy/Sean Combs/whatever it is this week topped the list thanks to his Ciroc vodka, DeLeon tequila, Aquahydrate water and Sean John clothing line. Well, it wasn’t going to be for his music, right?

Where automated cars learn to drive

Driving lessons were never fun. Constantly being told to have your hands at “10 and 2” and waiting for the instructor to shout STOP as you hovered over the brake for an emergency stop. Jump to the moment you passed and it was one hand on the wheel and one arm out the window thinking you were cruising down the west side highway, not stuck in traffic on the M27 in Southampton at all listening to Jay-Z. Soon, we’ll be stuck in traffic in automated cars, but where do they go for their driving lessons? This video will tell all.