Volume 146

Banana funk friends?

To start off our menu of cool sh*t, Mercedes have created an innovative, if slightly strange, navigation system which uses three words to find out where it needs to go. Want to head to a scrap of land near a dirt road in Australia’s Northern Territory? Send them to banana.funk.friends.

Winning awards and controlling light

Yunchul Kim, a South Korean artist, has won this year’s Collide International Award. He will develop his project proposal Cascade, which looks at the possibility of controlling the propagation of light through colloidal suspensions of photonic crystals. I know this sounds confusing, but bear with it as it’s also incredible.

It's what Steve would've wanted

I’m sure many of you eagerly tuned into the Apple conference and were blown away by the new innovative technology. The best bit was of course the new iPhone X and this video covers that phone with all the justice it deserves.

Can Graphic Design save your life?

As a designer myself, obviously I believe Graphic Design is the key to keeping humanity alive. Even if you have a more sensible view on the subject, you will still enjoy this new exhibition at the Wellcome Collection which explores design in healthcare.

Inflate your ego and put your intelligence to the test

A team of scientists at Imperial College London have created an AI whose sole purpose is to learn human intelligence. So head over and take the challenge, if you do well enough you can even brag about it.

Supreme and Hysteric get provocative

For the dessert of this cool sh*t menu, why not have a look at Hysteric’s and Supreme’s feisty collab. There are some tasty numbers in there, especially if you like your fashion to make a statement.