Volume 145

Who Will Be Laughing Last?

The upcoming Joker film is the talk of Hollywood (and the whole of the internet). Whoever plays the role of Batman’s arch-rival will have some big shoes to fill. No one can forget Heath Ledger’s portrayal in the Dark Night. In Suicide Squad, Jared Leto did the character justice but will he be the one to finish what he started? The internet is hoping for Leo DiCaprio, following the news that the film might be produced by his long-time collaborator and pal, Martin Scorsese. Who are you betting on?

Screaaaam Yooour Heaaart Oooout

This. Is. Amazing. People around the world are coming together to scream in public spaces like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. If you are searching for your next cathartic activity that looks like a religious cult ceremony, look no further. The last summit took place at Washington Square Arch in New York, which apparently lasted for an hour. Now events are planned for Singapore and Sydney! Whichever banshee came up with this idea, we salute you.

Pooptastic Tales of Tinder

There are no words to start this news. It sure puts the sh*t in Cool Sh*t. Imagine the worst Tinder date you could possibly have, now times that by three. This toilet tale involves a number two, a toilet that wouldn’t flush, and a desperate woman up sh*t creak … literally.

Hell Fire

Monday marked the end of this year’s Burning Man festival. The week-long gathering takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada and attracts over 70,000 visitors. The festival was jam-packed with over 130 musical performances, outlandish costumes, celebrity sightings, and of course, insane art installations. Have a look.

Walking Dead All Around You

Step aside Pokémon, there are new monsters in town. Prior to the Walking Dead Season 8 premiere on October 22nd, fans can get some serious goosebumps with The Walking Dead Encounter. The new augmented-reality app by AMC and Mountain Dew, lets users place walkers in the real world, in both still photos and video, and share the AR creations on social media. You will be able to unlock new zombies each week during each of the eight episodes so who, or what, will be chasing you next?



Carpool Karaoke made James Corden’s The Late Late Show explode into the stratosphere. It got so popular that Apple Inc. wanted their piece of the pie and bought the rights to the segment in 2016, making it exclusive only to Apple Music subscribers (thanks Apple). If you’re one of the latter, you can watch an episode every week while other mortals can enjoy the 2-minute YouTube clips. Still worth it.