Volume 139

Couture Courier Service

Alexander Wang and Adidas team up for their latest collection drop on July the 29th in NYC. Global availability hits us on August the 5th. Customers purchasing the latest collection will have their order delivered to them by a couture bike courier. Neat-o.

Even Stranger Things...

Stranger Things is back with a bang just in time for Halloween. Season 2 of the hit show premieres October 27, 2017. Are the boys’ worlds going to be turned back Upside Down? Where did Eleven go? Will forgotten Barb ever get her vengeance?…probs not, but we’re excited to see what unfolds in Hawkins Town this Autumn.

Pencils down, Spray Cans up

As part of the Rehab 2 Festival in Paris, one hundred street artists were given the keys to a derelict school and revamped it into their latest graffiti gallery. Colourful and immersive imagery cover the halls, floor to ceiling in a celebration of the art. Take a look here at all the different street artist’s that contributed to the 3 week project.

Are You Ready?

Adapted from Ernie Cline’s novel by Zak Penn, Stephen Spielberg brings Ready Player One to the fan’s screens. When there is nowhere left to go for Wade and ‘the lost generation’ of 2045, the only escape is into the Oasis – “Where the limits of reality are your own imagination”. Get lost in an epic virtual world. Ready Player One is out on 30 March next year.

Trip Out, Play Sport

A sports game like nothing you’ve seen before. The new Pyre game is out, and it’s gorgeous! An RPG that mixes sports type combat with stunning visuals. What more could you want?

The Internet Mourned Microsoft Paint...Then Resurrected It

It was a sad day when Microsoft announced they would be scraping software programme, Paint, a staple in the world of Microsoft Windows World since 1985.  Thousands took to the internet to show their appreciation for the beloved friend. This obviously touched the heart strings of Bill Gates as Microsoft were soon to announce that due to the support of the software program they would not be getting rid of it, and it could live to Paint another day. Click here to read more.