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For the second single from their latest album, the band Real Estate decided to do something different by creating an interactive animated music video for the song “Stained Glass” that lets viewers colour in the band as they walk through the scene. Created in collaboration with Wieden + Kennedy’s creative director Craig Allen, the idea came about when he found himself doodling in a notebook while listening to the song. And now it’s your turn -> here <-


If you have ever been to Barcelona, you know it’s the go-to place for any street skateboarder. It has the Paral-lel, Sants, La Guineueta and, of course, MACBA. Not to mention the beautiful weather and a sandy beach. For the record, this is not a tourist ad for the city, but after watching the Nike SB’s short film, you’ll be booking your plane tickets. Check it out -> here <-


Netflix has been firing out loads of great premiers recently, but Shimmer Lake staring Rainn Wilson is a comedy thriller that will leave you with abs of steel. Told in reverse, the film tells the story of a heist gone bad, and the bizarre series of events that lead up to it. Consisting of great humour, a great storyline and great casting, 9th June is a date to put in your diaries.


Famed chef Gordon Ramsay is about to embark on a new TV series, aptly titled The F Word. Crowned with being the introductory guest on the show, Kevin Spacey joins Ramsay for the show’s first trailer. A word of warning – this is not one for loudspeaker since, in true Ramsay style, it’s NSFW. Although if it’s a vulgarity contest, Kevin might be in the lead. Give it a listen.


To fight the signs of the times you can get a facelift, reduce stress (I know), exercise more, or…. drink gin. Personally, the latter sounds a much more enjoyable option and now it is possible to do so with one brand distilling their gin with collagen. It’s hard to believe this is anything but a gimmick but at least it will give a lot of people an excuse to drink more of it… -> find out more <-


They say history repeats itself, especially for the nostalgics of the world. That is why the cassette just won’t die. The hipster statement piece has now got a new form of a music player, attempting to defy the age of streaming and bring back the romantic gestures of creating mixtapes for the apple of your eye. The latter never gets old.