volume 129

do not try this at home

Times are a-changin’, the lines of gender specifications are blurred, women have armpit hair and men wear make-up and heels. But nothing prepared us for this…the male romper. Grown men wearing toddler’s clothes. Unless you’re a cast member of Geordie Shore or TOWIE, this fashion choice is highly questionable.



the late late show with harry styles

Is James Corden in danger of losing his job? In the last episode of The Late Late Show, Harry Styles stepped into the presenter’s boots and confidently executed the initial monologue. The jokes were so terrible they were good and it’s hard not to laugh at it one way or another. If his new album doesn’t succeed, he’s got a plan B to fall back to.

ford bamboo cars

The automotive future might not all be high tech wrapped up in shiny metals. Ford believes the future lies in one of nature’s strongest materials –bamboo. The American car company is already testing its suitability in the interior of its vehicles. If they succeed, make sure you avoid giving lifts to hungry-looking pandas. To read the full article click -> here <-

enter the world of textopolis

You had the Bee Movie, The Lego Movie, Scary Movie, The Angry Birds Movie…. and now The Emoji Movie. It reveals the secret world inside your smartphone, the hidden gem of Textopolis where all your favourite emojis live. For example, the poo emoji, voiced by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart. Win.

graffiti like an artist

Your dreams of becoming the next big city graffer might finally come true. With the help of SketchAR, you can now draw or paint using augmented reality. The app combines a phone’s built-in sensors with a software platform that enables mobile devices to become aware of its physical location in the world. All you need now is some spray-paint and try and avoid the 5-0.

customize your hedgehog

The blue spikey one is back and ready to fire up the next generation of gamers. Sonic returns in Sonic Forces and this time you can get your own hedgehog on as, for the first time, you can play your own custom hero. What will you be?