volume 128

get p*ssed

from craft beer, to organic beer, to recyclable piss. a danish brewery is collecting 50,000 litres of urine from the largest music festival in northern europe to produce a novelty beer, “pisner”. it contains no human waste, but is produced from fields of malting barley fertilized with human urine rather than traditional animal manure or factory-made plant nutrients. will it taste like weak-as-p*ss lager or have a slightly tangier taste? thoughts?

coulrophobia all over again

stay away from storm drains and manholes because pennywise is back! last sunday’s mtv movie awards revealed the new trailer for ‘it’, which gave us a longer look at the loser’s club and how they set out to uncover the dark mystery in the small town of derry, maine.

soo stupid yet soo entertaining

the slow mo guys ramp up the funny and pain in their latest endeavour. jumping on a trampoline covered in 1,000 mousetraps, filmed at a 1,000-frames per second, it looks as painful as it probably was. the worst part is they didn’t even use goggles! health and safety, guys!

carter got his nuggs

some aspire to become popstars, astronauts or revolutionaries but for carter, he just wanted a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets. and he wanted it bad! so bad, he managed to convince the internet to share his tweet over 3.5 million times, beating ellen degeneres’ oscar selfie to become the most retweeted tweet of all time. as aaron paul commented, ‘it’s good to have dreams’.

the many faces of you

as if the world isn’t overrun with emojis, you can now create even more. with google’s ml-driven chat app ‘allo’, a selfie can now transform into a custom emoji sticker. google thinks there are 563 quadrillion (000,000,000,000,000) faces that the tool could generate. is that enough?

game over, man

if you’re still mourning the death of workaholics on comedy central, dry your eyes, as the successful partnership continues but with a new twist. this time, blake, anders and adam play three friends on the verge of getting their video game financed, but then their benefactor is taken hostage by terrorists. sounds like a stoner’s dream film, no wonder it’s release date is 4/20 next year. to the uninitiated, this is the time and the date to be smoking mary jane, the chronic, zoot burning, bunning or whatever you wish to call it.