volume 127

cos you’re hotter in slo mo...

remember the baywatch opening credit? incredibly fit people running in slow-mo? how can anyone forget! it inspired paramount to hold the first slow-motion marathon, to promote the upcoming new baywatch film. it got hot and competitive in downtown la – why did we have to wait 16 years for this to happen?!

frork that

today mcdonalds launched its new sandwich with a limited edition “frork” – a plastic fork with french fires instead of prongs. the mock infomercial showcases its main benefit as a sauce scooper.

wrangler jeans and the art of peace

wrangler jeans are celebrating their 70th birthday in true flower power fashion by collaborating with peter max, who is famous for his psychedelic art in the 60’s. the pair first worked together in the early ’70s, and this latest collection takes us back to his heyday.

scary sh*t

this owlman prank is pretty funny. the character is known to scare the sh*t out of people and in the latest edition he stays true to his objective. they also want to make an owlman movie, which you can back on kickstarter.

fight the invasion

prey is a new take on an old classic. the original game hit the shelves more than a decade ago, but if 2006 prey was ‘close encounters of the third kind’ then prey 2017 is ‘aliens’, which is timely given ridley scott’s alien covenant just came out.

post-modern classics

japanese graphic designer shusaku takaoka reflects on the modern world by mashing it together with masterpieces. he reimagines art’s most classical characters as modern day hipsters, as well as ‘it’ girls going about their lives in urban contexts. news flash, the mona lisa looks pretty hot on the subway.