Volume 125

the end of the jedi?

star wars is back. do you care? if you do, you might ask yourself, is luke really hanging up his lightsaber? is it really the end of the jedi? was 40 years of star wars watching for nothing? if you don’t care, probably don’t watch the new trailer.

russian granny's green screen adventures

there is no better way to learn how to use chroma key then from a russian grandma. tatiana subbotina’s edited backdrops are pretty special. take an epic ‘green screen’ journey through space, time, tropical paradises and various other wonderlands.

lust for lana and starboy

she might have been partying at coachella this weekend, but lana is focused on her upcoming new album. after the release of her initial single ‘love’, which was accompanied by a neat album trailer, we can now listen to the title track, ‘lust for life’. teaming up with the weeknd once again, what’s up with those two?

corden gets owned

james corden hit it big with carpool karaoke but we prefer the drop the mic stunt on his late late show. all his guests turn into ‘freestyle’ rappers. some bad, some worse, but riz ahmed owned his moment on the mic and put cordon to shame.

facebook's emergency drone

facebook is developing a small helicopter drone called tether-tenna, designed to deliver internet during natural disasters. it continues facebook’s strategy to get more people connected to the internet, with over half the world’s population still offline.

drive-through pot shop

america is getting its first ever drive-through pot shop! yesterday was the grand opening of tumbleweed in colorado, the first recreational late night marijuana shop. the weed business has been a big win for the town, growing its sales tax receipts by as much as 70 percent. so stop, shop, and support your town’s economy.