volume 124

chance is giving you a chance

chance the rapper is throwing a birthday bash this sunday and you are invited! but yes, nothing in this life is free. tickets range from $100-$2,500 depending on how much of a vip you’re prepared to be. but hey, all the proceeds go to his social works charity. happy birthday, chance!

the party train

an underground rave can’t get any more underground than this. if you were one of the lucky ones who attended the party in a tube carriage on the london underground, we envy you. the party train was properly equipped with a light show, a dj, a smoke machine and a mc spitting bars…. until the police killed the show. boo!

hunt for free porn

the industry’s leading premium porn brand, brazzers, has teamed up with adult industry publisher, trendzz, to challenge new yorkers with a ‘naughty nyc’ quiz. the idea is to test your knowledge of porn stars, safe sex, and new york city history. on april 15th, you can embark on a scavenger hunt across nyc in the hope of finding free one-year porn memberships to brazzers.  considering there are only twenty-five memberships to give away, this time you’ll want to finish quick.

yoga, tripping

As if yoga wasn’t ‘mind, body and soul’ enough already, a London studio wants to immerse all your senses even further. ‘colour tripping’ taps into our growing urge to seek refuge, comfort, distraction or a new feeling altogether. Similarly to in the art world, experimenting with colour and senses is one of the hottest wellness trends around right now.

shape of football

some people might just have a bit too much time on their hands. an outstanding rendition of ed sheeran’s song ‘shape of you’ surfaced online which substitutes every lyric with a professional footballer’s name. 238 to be precise. find out which players made the cut.

unzip your booty

the denim industry is entering some really questionable territories. topshop did the clear plastic knee panels, re/done did the ‘high-rise ass rip jeans’ and now vetements has collaborated with levi’s, taking denim to a whole new level. the #vetementsxlevis jeans not only feature zips down the back of the legs but also a zip right smack down the centre of the butt. for all you butt-flashing exhibitionists, now is your time.