volume 123

the new kendrick lamar

kendrick lamar’s new album is out on the 14th of this month! yes, that makes us happy. this week the song on repeat was the first single ‘humble’. a daring deviation from ‘to pimp a butterfly’ with booming percussion, alarming synths, an intense piano riff and …oh, burning hair.

this is ‘uuuuuuge

are you ready for the best thing to ever happen to comedy central? the highest rated, greatest and biggest show with the best guests and most beautiful women? trump stars (sort of) in the president show – all winners, no losers. the president show premieres april 27.

walking the walk

winter has almost come! season 7 premiers 16th july. famous guest stars have been announced such as ed sheeran and mastodon’s brent hinds. maisie williams, aka arya, assures us that in this season, “sh*t gets real”.

alright, overachievers

not sure whether the insane precisions of the dude perfect crew are satisfying or frustrating. i mean ‘how do they do it?!’. oreo cookies recognised that the youtube tricksters have something going for them. so, here’s some influencer-led ping pong oreo tricks…

1up for washington

are you ready to step into the mushroom kingdom? washington is. a super mario bros. pop-up bar has opened. that’s right. you can sit at the bar and enjoy a “king koopa cup” or a “what doesn’t kill you makes you smaller” cocktail while you ogle luigi, bowser, or the princess. take your pick.

unlike pepsi this protest hit the spot

we all know that pepsi were totally off the mark with their corporate friendly protest film. so, to even up life, this chimp nailed it this week with a dirty stunt. protesting has never been a clean business.