volume 122

it’s finally here

the teaser campaign has had us on the edge of our seats for a while now and here it is: ghost in the shell is out today. if you haven’t made your mind up yet on seeing it, maybe this next clip will help you. the story is based on the internationally acclaimed japanese manga strip, and even if it’s not your cup of tea, the eye candy is undeniable.

samsung are back on fire 

… not literally, that was the note 7 fiasco, remember? the tech giants are back on form however with this new ad by leo burnett. definitely deserving the good press it’s receiving and all in the lead up to the new galaxy s8 and s8 plus release. smok’n.

a whole latta sex 

feeling a bit flustered about this one? can’t blame you. we all know the saying “sex sells” but considering the latest campaign by eckhaus latta, did they take it a bit too far? it’s real-life couples having real-life sex on camera. it might be ‘provocative fashion’ or is it just amateur porn? they are clearly winning with the free publicity.

snapchat in the ‘90s

squirrelmonkeycom hit the nail on the head with their interpretation of what snapchat would have looked like in the ‘90s. it will literary take you back in time and help you reminisce about all those wonderful moments of web 1.0.

burger-flavoured toothpaste anyone?

have you ever loved a type of food so much, you wanted the taste to remain in your mouth forever? well, burger king understands your pain. for all you whopper lovers out there, it is launching the whopper toothpaste, so you can now enjoy its flavour forever and ever while keeping up your teeth and gum hygiene. win, win.

a galactic mixtape

music has always been a defining factor in every film, that is what makes the publicity stunt from the upcoming guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 so great. the main cast members have created a mixtape, so before saving the universe, they are serving us some proper old school bangers on spotify.