volume 118

6.5 ft. of robot awesomeness

meet handle, the research robot who looks like a giant-headed kid on rollerblades. don’t be fooled however, this marvel from boston dynamics can travel at 9mph on any surface and jump 4 feet high! want! want! want!

hollywood – bullsh*t = honest movie titles

a recap on hollywood’s february releases and what their titles would actually look like, if we pull back the veil of pretence.

so satisfying

have you ever blissed out to paint porn? well you can now, thanks to vancouver-based artist annette labedzki’s work. hypnotic.

there’s life in the old snake yet

17 years after it first launched, the nokia 3310 is back. with a one month battery life, 2-megapixel camera and snake, the phone seems like the perfect retro accessory. however, there is a sad side note: the 2g communication frequencies it uses are sparsely available these days.

your new heroine

wednesday marked the release of horizon zero dawn, a role-play video game by guerrilla games featuring an all action heroine. if you feel like hunting down big-a*s robots and saving the human race, this is your moment.

more innovation, less repetition

a new website has emerged with a huge archive of the finest old and new logos. logobook is a growing community of international branding designers with the objective to understand what already exists and inspire peers to explore new territories.