volume 115

love trumps hate

this valentine’s day, let someone know you like them bigly with trump with love. it’s literally the best way, everything else is just so sad…

build it your way

burger and lego fans, rejoice! filipino joint, brick burger, will build you a deliciously imaginative stack in your choice of colour.

galactic attack

samsung and six flags are introducing the world’s first mixed reality coaster. save the world from an alien invasion in a vr experience so synchronized and immersive that even your puking will feel a part of the game.

the p.o.w.a of m.i.a

british-sri lankan rapper, producer, director and artist m.i.a is back with her new track p.o.w.a., taking aim at the current pop divas and, of course, the new american president.

ryan gobbling

the cupcake market bakery in nyc is known for its cookies in the forms of famous faces. so if you’re lonely this v-day you can chow down on a bit of ryan gosling for the handsome price of $22.95. bargain!

nazi bashing time

why not take a break from reading all these depressing news reports on your mobile and use it to punch a nazi instead? good, honest 8-bit fun!