volume 114

eyes on the slice

stranger things. stranger facial expressions. now we know why.

does my bump look big in this?

where do you draw the line on how extravagant your maternity photo-shoot is? if you’re beyonce, there are no lines. you become mother nature, a nymph, and lay naked on a blooming car. obviously it works, as it got her the most likes on instagram ever!

sticks with dicks and slits

you read it right. today tim noble and sue webster return to blain|southern’s london gallery with a show of towering bronze stick figure self-portraits. the sculptures explore relationship dynamics & self-image with a proper dose of punk.

the weeknd hustle

yesterday puma launched their ignite limitless collection with the weeknd as the brand ambassador. on the same day h&m dropped a teaser for their upcoming spring icons, which you can view here. is it just us or are they extremely similar?

from dusk till dawn

as a part of their ongoing “shot on iphone” campaign, apple proves the amazing low light ability of the newest iphone7 with “one night on earth”. the new series features images that were captured by a team of photographers on the night of november 5, 2016.

trump fans enjoy a fisting

triumph the insult comic dog already skewered the trump inauguration for a conan remote piece, but he delivered too many dark punch lines for one episode. here’s the equally hilarious bonus.