volume 113

are you prepared to grope your way to the top…?

… because that’s exactly what this interactive valentine’s day installation by bompas & parr wants you to do. it’s indoor climbing, but not as we know it.

direct your own music video

get your creative juices flowing and code the wave of psychedelia… man. an innovative collaboration between a brand, a band, creative coders and, well, you.

eat, sleep, couture, repeat

dust off your old glow sticks as the fashion world is reviving the 90s rave culture. dior took inspiration from the gabber scene that rocked the dutch and belgian youth in the mid-90s whilst cav empt let ben dury take the lead in their eccentric rave collection video.

art with no boundaries

when artists and tech heads join forces, the result is a beautiful immersive art experience at pace london. amongst the rooms you can find yourself standing in a light waterfall, or surrounded by butterflies.

delicious rhymes and tasty beats

dream mclean teams up with underground don the last skeptik to release a slice of true uk hip hop. cheese on brown bread ep is out now!

sneaker porn

the general public & industry experts have chosen the 25 greatest sneakers of all time. curated by leading international sneaker expert neal heard, the exhibition opened yesterday at the archivist’s gallery.