a (white) house party to end all parties

obama’s last soiree is the place to be tonight as a-listers including beyonce, paul mccartney, and chance the rapper come together to bid a final farewell to america’s 44th president.




a good ethos for life

japanese streetwear brand ‘ethos’ show off their 2017 spring/summer collection with stunning photography in their new lookbook. check out the contemporary label here.


tal solomon might have just solved the ‘i don’t snore’ debate once and for all – regardless of being human or (in this case) canine.

2017 kicks off

life moves pretty fast nowadays. fortunately new balance have the perfect kicks for 2017. meet the 247. we might be biased…but we love these – the launch campaign’s not too bad either. look out for them from tomorrow in its premium rendition, known as the 247 luxe.

the real lightning mcqueen

this week the best of future technology was showcased at ‘ces’ in las vegas. a highlight for us is the toyota concept-i – a car that can now reciprocate it’s driver’s emotions. not only will it learn your behaviour, anticipate your needs; it’ll also interact with other drivers and pedestrians by displaying messages such as ‘hello!’ or ‘watch out’ on it’s body work through an ‘oled’ system.

we’re rooting for them in 2017

london grammar start 2017 strong with their new track ‘rooting for you’. with a “new year, new music,” ethos, we’re excited to see what else they have in store for us.