volume 108

a.s.s squad

introducing ZAK’s a.s.s – anguish, suffering and sorrow- squad. 2016 action figures featuring trump, farage, putin and kim jong-un, all charged with destroying the future opportunities and choices of millennials.

kill it like kenny

with the help of menswear brand burton, you can now dress as your favourite residents of south park. the range features their iconic hats, ‘mr. hanky the christmas poo’ t-shirts as well as mittens, socks and of course the infamous kenny hood. check it out here.

tingling your spidey senses

watch the newest trailer to spiderman homecoming here. out in july 2017.

he'll get a munch this christmas

nomination for best boyfriend this year goes to alex donoyou, who did away with the chocolate and put together an advent calendar using his girlfriend’s favourite snack, crisps. read more here.

make america tweet again

snl and alec baldwin won’t let up on donald trump…and he is not a happy president(elect).

man punches kangaroo in face

what would you do if a kangaroo was strangling your dog? would you punch it in the face? yeah?