volume 107

erase your internet existence

deseat, a new app designed by swedish programmers dahlbo and unnebäck, lets you erase any trace of yourself from the big, bad interweb. question is what are you hiding?


is london pretty f*cked now?

boiler room explores the new unnamed subculture of london creatives who are rejecting the multicultural utopian dream.

is blurring gender on the fashion agenda? of course it is

husband and wife team jessica and david gebhart, showcase their gender neutral denim collection in their london pop up shop. the styles are simple. utilitarian shapes work for either gender. what you reckon?

wes anderson x h&m = sick

wes anderson beautifully directs a short christmas ad for h&m showcasing their 2016 collection.

unlucky punk!

son of sex pistol’s manager instigated anarchy this week when he decided to publicly burn over a million pounds worth of sex pistol’s memorabilia! post punk idiocy or rotten genius?

they tweeted what!?

can you distinguish your kanye from your ryan reynolds? guess along with a selection of this year’s best actors as they try and figure out which funny tweets belong to who.