volume 105

the trumpoline version’s hilarious, and all too true parody of the john lewis christmas ad captures how the world is feeling at the moment. we’re really, really sorry hilary,  you can’t always get what you want.

360 where's wally

prepare for the sea sickness as you scroll your way through this amazing 360 illustration, all in the quest to find that elusive red and white striped hide-and-seek aficionado. we found him, can you?

and we thought our mannequin challenge was good..

we thought we nailed it at ZAK until we saw this… the a and m gymnastics team in texas show off their skills in their version of the mannequin challenge.

what’s joe really thinking?

the obama and biden meme has taken the internet by storm. as the pair prepare to leave the white house, the topic of conversation has recently veered more towards the irreverent thoughts biden has been having since the news broke that trump would be taking over the oval office.


gender fluid tinder

with tinder abolishing binary gender options this week, you’re now free to swipe left or right on 39 choices of gender identity. there’s never been so much choice when it comes to being picky.


the golden arches and nutella join forces to create the ultimate choco burger combo. sadly this nutty dessert is only available in italy at the moment, but our inner fat kid can still appreciate from afar.