volume 104

ikea's syrian showroom

ikea and the red cross brought war torn syria to the forefront of shoppers’ minds this week. they recreated a syrian family home in their flag ship store in norway demonstrating the devastation the war has caused, proving pop ups can be just as powerful for cause related work.

cumberbatch on the toilet...looking cool

ever thought it was impossible to look sh*t hot while you sh*t? fear not. snl and cumberbatch recreate the famous 1984 apple ad…using toilets.

does this get you going?

it’s time for you to have your say on this years most provocative magazine covers. just try not to take too long making up your mind…

celebrities have mums too

when you’re the first sibling duo since michael and janet jackson to share number one albums in a single year…your mums going to want to get involved. beyonce and solange’s mum recreates her daughter’s album covers, honouring the siblings.





bump, don't shake

it’s germ season! and john st. have taken the initiative to show us how to minimise the spread of germs…bump not shake!

the ZAK mannequin challenge

at ZAK we’re always up for a challenge. here’s our mannequin challenge. think you can do better? let’s see it then.