volume 103

namaste wizards

yoga, booze and harry potter, what more do you need in life? yoga instructing sisters, isabel beltran and ximena larkin decided to make their regular ‘pints and poses’ yoga class a little bit more wizard, conjuring up a harry potter themed class… and of course pints of ‘butter’ beer afterwards. learn more here.

burberry blockbuster

celebrating 160 years at the front of fashion, the once king of the chavs brand, showcase their history in a short film with the help of a star-studded cast that includes domhnall gleeson and sienna miller.

leo's ‘titanic’ call to actually save the iceberg

using his high profile, the hollywood a-lister turns our attention to the topic of climate change in his brilliant new documentary, ‘before the flood’. here, dicaprio shows us the urgency of the situation and how we need to take action now before it’s too late.

obama's got 5 on it

when asked his top 5 on the show ‘sway in the morning’, the president didn’t hesitate to give his verdict on the 5 rappers he currently loves. featuring chance the rapper and kendrick, whom he says are ‘breaking new ground’, he also gave a shout out to favourites jay z and kanye along with commercial success drake, whom his girls listen to as well. good to know!

hears to beers

experience beer through the ear. devised by swedish brand, norrland guld ljus, they’ve created a way to enjoy beer through sound with the use of ‘automonous sensory meridian response’ (asmr)…ch-ears! have a listen to the tracks created on spotify…spine-tingling stuff.

is your office lacking the right motiviation?

stop spending money on posters of cats hanging from trees, you can now purchase facebook’s own internal inspirational artworks which have graced the hallways of their offices. featuring beautifully designed quotes created by former facebook designers ben barry and everett katigbakand, they are up for auction here.