volume 100

oh my gosh

jamie xx’s bizarre, yet beautiful video, as featured in volume 86, squeaks into the all-time coolest sh*t at number 10.

who you gonna call?

in volume 87 we paid stay puff props to this spectacular installation in waterloo station promoting the ghostbusters remake.

snowboarding with the nypd

youtube’s favourite filmmaker, casey, had a unique way of getting across town during a blizzard in volume 63.

attenborough does adele

from volume 53, two national treasures, generations apart, collided in this gem of a content piece.

let them eat lunch

why wait for tea with the queen, we asked in volume 82, when you can join her for lunch (providing she’s back from morrisons in time)?

trump trumpet

this clown is rapidly becoming a non-laughing matter, but we hope this wasted many a cathartic hour of subscribers’ time when we shared it in volume 64.

that’s it, we’ve had enough

nice to see a bit of our own content from volume 84 made it into the coolest sh*t of all time.

amazing tattoo tech

coming in at number three is this ingenious metallic tattoo tech that allows you to control your smart devices from your own skin, as featured in volume 92.

if it’s not yes, it’s no

it wouldn’t be a proper top 10 of all our cool sh*t if we didn’t have at least one nsfw in. there’s someone in the presidential race right now who would do well to heed this advice.

funk out in public

and top of the pops is this funky, little number for the youtube music app, from volume 88!