Christmas special

Look What You Made Taylor Do?

You sure got excited over the return of Tay-Tay. In August, the release of the lead single from her 6th studio album Reputation, set your keyboards on fire. Love her or hate her, one thing is for sure, Taylor Swift is an unstoppable force of pop. A guilty pleasure of many, the album ended up being one of the best-selling of 2017.

Naked Yoga

Another thing that got your fingers double-clicking was naked yoga (and why wouldn’t it?). @nude_yogagirl started the trend of posting her yoga pics in her b’day suit and boy did it take off. We bet you’re still regularly checking out her Insta page, aren’t you? We remain fully supportive of the trend, which aims to spread body acceptance. Why the hell not! Downward dog in the nude, anyone? It’s definitely one way to burn off a mince pie or two!

Mouthy Cockney Makes Beyonce Cry

February was Grammys’ month and Adele sure made it special enough to get us all intrigued. Not just happy to win album of the year, the wayward Londoner, Adele bounced on stage and decided to rub Beyoncé’s subsequent loss in her face… until she cried. Still, no fake news here, it ended up being the third most popular Cool Sh*t stories of the year.

‘Cos You’re Hotter in Slo Mo

This year saw the return of the beautiful people of Baywatch and doing what they do best on the big screen. The bodies, the swimsuits, the acting… and how could we forget, the slo mo running intro. To PR the launch of the movie, Paramount held the first slow-motion marathon and judging by the clicks, it was something you just couldn’t resist taking a look at. Fortunately, it’s made the top six, so if you want to refresh your memory, it’s just a click away.

This Is ‘Uuuuuuuuge

Real News or Fake News? Sometimes it’s hard to tell these days. Fortunately, Comedy Central managed to blur the two with their highly controversial and hilarious – The President Show. If you missed the first season season, click here and see just what you missed. With what’s gone on, a second season can’t be far away…

Have You Seen The New John Lewis Christmas Ad?

Of course you have! But no matter how many times, it always manages to pull at our heart strings. Anyway, this seems like a good place to draw a close to Cool Sh*t 2017. That’s all folks. Have a cracking Christmas and see you all bright and early in 2018.