christmas special

do you suffer from heavy streaming?

spofity’s 2016 wrapped campaign has unlocked the results on who’s been streaming who, who the world’s most streamed artists are and what are your most played tunes. they’ve also teamed up with popular artist to create presents for super fans and heavy streamers.

which country traditionally has kfc at christmas?

american kids try christmas foods from around the world and make turkey look boring.

santa goes postal

‘nick’ is a new vr game going live this week. a badass santa with tats, goes rogue on a bunch of evil elves. a good way to let off steam after spending time with your nearest and dearest.

fake news just in…

is 2016 the year of post truth and chat bots? here are the words that have helped define a year that can only be described as a big bag of steaming d*cks.

2016 was sh*t but christmas has been saved

what?! no ‘elf’ on broadcast or streaming services this christmas?! talk talk has come to the rescue and bought the rights to stream will ferrell’s festive fave. agile marketing saves the day, props.


christopher nolan makes christmas epic

the first trailer for dunkirk was released this week. it’s got nothing to do with christmas and it doesn’t look particularly cheery, but the return of one of the world’s best director feels like a present anyway. enjoy.