• jo

    joanna davies

    chief executive officer

    it’s my job to drive us forward, hire the best talent, make sure everyone (clients and staff) are happy and, of course, to make profit! to me change means purpose, improvement, journey, adventure, excitement. and the change i’m most proud of? this! from a consultancy in a 400sq ft one bedroomed flat off portobello road to an award winning creative agency, developing credible brands and commercially effective campaigns for global clients. and this is just the beginning.

  • matt

    matt bennett

    chief creative officer

    chief creative officer, agent of change, agitator, ringleader, client nuisance. i’m all of the above, every day. there are a lot of changes i’d like to make, the first being for people to demand more. there’s too much average right now. lots of brands fall into a trap because they accept their own ‘category behaviour.’ that becomes a byword for laziness, an excuse for not pushing the boundaries to say something new or do something differently. when brands start doing that, they stand out.

  • alison

    alison springham

    chief financial officer

    i take care of ZAK’s financial welfare, something i’ve been doing in the marketing and digital agency space for 20 years now with a focus on sustainable growth. i’ve achieved a lot so far but helping to transform ZAK from a start up into the agency it is today is the one i’m most proud of. it’s been challenging, but that’s the best thing about change, it’s continuous, it’s always evolving and more than anything else, it’s exciting.

  • tom

    tom ellis-jones

    client director

    i head up all of the client services here. all the best work i’ve done over the last 15 years, particularly during my time at ddb, then adam&eveddb, on some of the uk’s best known brands including financial times, flora, nestle and kwik fit, has been about change. like taking ft from london-centric, old fashioned broadsheet to the global authority on business with ‘we live in financial times.’ change works when it’s exciting and progressive. and now it’s happening faster and more frequently than ever before.

  • susan

    susan poole

    head of planning

    i look after the strategy across all of our clients. i’ve worked in big and small agencies, including 7 years at dlkw lowe on most categories and brands like john lewis, peroni and thetrainline.com. never cars though, oddly enough. for me, the best strategies are often defined by one small change. and i love the simplicity when they do. it runs through everything from brief to execution and really rocket fuels a brand. now that’s exciting.

  • ben

    ben carter

    financial director

    i joined ZAK in 2013 after, cough, 15 odd years in the finance department of a variety of advertising and branding agencies. to me life is all about change. nothing ever stays the same and it should be sought and embraced. i like to look back and think wow i did that or i survived that. then i ask, what’s next?