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Insight that moves at the speed of culture is hard to come by, so we built our own platform.

1. Speed Dial

Speak to your audience on their terms, on their phones via our real time SELFHOOD Whatsapp group.

2. Weekend Sessions

Get closer than ever to your audience with our immersive Airbnb weekend sessions.

3. Cultural & Audience Study

Bespoke audience insight and culture study with accompanying report and film.

Generation Anxious

realsh*t: D2C Special

realsh*t: Technology Special

realsh*t: Education Special

realsh*t: Health & Wellness Special

realsh*t: Lessons from Lockdown

Ok Boomer

Women in Football

realsh*t: Football Special


global insight network.
under 30s consumers.
early adopters.
neuroscience & culture.
scalable insights solution.

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